Make caring for a live tree a fun and easy task. We have all the tools and latest innovative ideas that will help your Christmas tree last all season!

10301446_10152529473431099_7316538677639657716_nLive trees products:

  • Tree Life
  • Prolong
  • Tree Removal
  • Bags Stands
  • Watering Elf
  • Lights
  • Tree Hooks
  • Tree Skirts

Get expert advice from the owner

The most important thing in caring for a live tree is to put your tree in water right away and never let your stand run out of water. A tree bleeds sap when cut and the water stops the sap from hardening and sealing off the trunk of the tree. An additive like “Tree Life” or “Prolong” also can help keep the tree fresh.10805701_10152517714676099_5873528503912892010_n