Caring for Your Christmas Tree

12227174_10153229743216099_32687313969579071_nSo you went out and found the perfect tree. It’s beautiful and full and fits perfectly in the spot you picked in your house, BUT how do you keep it beautiful until Christmas?

Caring for a live tree can be scary to some, but remember your tree was once a live plant and caring for it doesn’t have to be scary if you follow these tips and tricks:

  1. When you first bring your tree home, bring it inside, set it up and then leave it alone for a few hours to a whole day so that it can properly acclimate to your house. Remember your tree was once outside, so its used to outdoor temperatures and may need some time to properly “warm up” to your house.
  2. The most important item in tree care is WATER. If a tree is not properly watered, the needles can become dry and fall off and your beautiful tree may begin to droop. Filling up and checking your tree regularly can help you avoid water loss and a droopy tree. At Clark’s we have “watering elf” funnels which will make watering your tree not only fun but easy!  It’s also a good idea to select a tree stand that has a capacity to hold at least one gallon of water. Our “Stand-Straight” stands have large buckets that will hold the perfect amount of water for your tree.
  3. Initially your tree will drink A LOT of water, up to a gallon or more of water in the first day or two. After that, expect that the tree will absorb two pints or more per day, depending upon its size and whether or not you have pets drinking from your stand.
  4. Setting up your tree as far away as possible from sources of heat, fireplaces, radiators, vents, etc., will hinder the drying process and is also a safety precaution. Additionally, remember to unplug or turn off tree lights before going to bed and whenever the tree is unattended.
  • From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season!

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